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This truly is the most Elite Butter and Garlic rub on the market today. Real dehydrated butter which rehydrates when applied to meat which creates a natural binder for the rest of the seasonings to adhere to the meat. The butter, along with the perfect amount of natural cane sugar work together to create an amazing crust on steaks and burgers.

WarPig BBQ: Sgt. Butter, 12oz

$10.99 Regular Price
$7.15Sale Price

Spring Sale

  • As we battled along the competition trail, we discovered a need for elite bbq products. Not just the same smoky sauces but unique flavor profiles not available anywhere on the market. Every one of our products is competition tested for months prior to launch. By doing this, we have truly forged the most Elite products available today. in 2017, FUBAR Elite BBQ Sauce won HEB Grocery's Quest For Texas BEst.

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