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Competition Cooking Classes


Ever have your friends and family love your BBQ so much that they say you should compete. Well, they are right and you should be competing! Competition cooking and backyard home cooking are a bit of two different worlds. 


Come learn the differences between at home BBQ and competition style BBQ all while meeting fellow Pitmasters from the area that all share the same passion for BBQ.

In this hands on one day class you will learn from Jay and Brian from Hickory Hangover, KCBS Backyard team local to Madison, on how to prep, season, smoke and present the 2 KCBS meats for *Backyard competition. Along with competition timeline of brining, seasoning, injection and saucing so everything is perfectly ready for turn-in time. Hickory Hangover is known for consistently being a top team in the nation in the KCBS Backyard Series*.

Class Outline:

  1. Detailed information on the 2 KCBS Backyard Meats (chicken & ribs)

  2. How to pick the best ribs and chicken, meat quality and marbling/size

  3. Hands on meat prepping and seasoning

  4. Winning flavor profiles, tenderness and how to prep

  5. Details on cooking methods and techniques

  6. Accessories, equipment and pre comp check list

  7. Day of comp timeline

  8. Tasting of the chicken and ribs prepared in the class

  9. How do judges score each box

  10. How to find and sign up for competitions

  11. Q&A

Snacks and drinks will be provided and 1 free alcoholic drink ticket is provided as well as a note book for note taking.

*There are two main series in KCBS Competitions. 

Backyard Series: In the Backyard series cooks only have to turn in two meats, chicken and ribs.

Masters/Pro Series: In the Masters/Pro Series cook have to turn in 4 meats, chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket. 

Upcoming Classes

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