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Black Magic was Blonde Beard's first recipe, and arguably his finest. It's bold, tangy flavor comes from notes of black pepper, cajun spices and fresh garlic. Great for grilling and cooking, well, anything. No wonder it's our best seller. + HEAT LEVEL - Medium/Hot + FLAVOR PROFILE - Bold and Peppery + FEATURED INGREDIENTS - Black Pepper, Cajun Spices, Garlic + MADE WITH REAL BUTTER - Real buffalo sauce is made with real butter. Period. + THICK & RICH - Our sauce stays where you want it, on your food. + GLUTEN FREE / NATURAL INGREDIENTS / LOW CARB + AWARD WINNER + BEST SELLER
Made in United States

Blonde Beard: Black Magic Buffalo Sauce, 8oz


July 4th BOGO Sale

  • Adam and Cara Nelson, aka Mr. and Mrs. Blonde Beard, and has created the world’s first craft Buffalo Sauce. An innovative approach to wing sauce made with real butter, aged cayenne and all-natural ingredients. The unique gourmet flavors are like nothing else! Raised in the South where there's no shortage of fried chicken and spicy food.  When they couldn't find a sauce that was both flavorful and made with real butter, they adventure was on to make their own. They create different flavors using butter from the fridge and fun ingredients found in the kitchen like maple syrup, beer and Cajun spices. Friends and family would special request it and unexpectedly, everyone started using the sauce on everything. Recognizing there were a lot of people who'd love a sauce like this, they knew they needed to bottle their homemade concoctions and share them with the world.


    Their mission is to change the way you think about Buffalo Sauce. Blonde Beard wants you to be inspired to cook with their craft flavors that are better tasting, better for you and much more versatile than conventional wing sauce. 

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