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This combo has everything you need to make the perfect pulled pork. I have used this combo countless times at events and always recieve repeat customers and reviews. Dont forget to make some amazing pickles with the Jennys Firecracker vinegar sauce; 50/50 ratio of water and sauce and its a perfect complement to your pulled pork sandwhich. Not only is this a great pulled pork combo but great on ribs, using the vinegar sauces as your sprits or in your wrap.


Whats in this combo:

-Heath Riles Garlic Jalapeno Rub

-Smokinghost BBQ All Purpose Rub

-Heath Riles Pecan Rub

-Jennys Firecracker BBQ Soppin' Sauce


Recomended seasoning layering. Start with a light base of the Garlic Jalapeno, then a nice layer of the All Purpose and finish it off with a light layer of the Pecan rub. You can use the Soppin' sauce for mopping or spraying if you like. Once finished and rested shred the pork and then add in a little at a time of the all purpose and pecan rub with a few splashes of Soppin' sauce.

Pitmaster's Pork Combo

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