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Introducing Butcher BBQ Phosphate - the secret ingredient that will revolutionize your BBQ game. For serious BBQ enthusiasts who crave perfection, look no further. Butcher BBQ Phosphate is the highest quality on the market, designed specifically for competition cooking. It effortlessly enhances moisture, ensuring tender and juicy results every time. No more dry meats! This magic ingredient dissolves quickly, allowing you to create mouthwatering injections while keeping your secret ingredient under wraps. Plus, it keeps your meats moist even after freezing. Join the ranks of two-time World BBQ Champions who trust Butcher BBQ. Unlock the full potential of your BBQ skills with Butcher BBQ Phosphate - because if it doesn't say BBQ Phosphate, it's not made for meat.

Suggested usage for brining is 1 cup of Butcher BBQ Phosphate to ½ gallon of water. For injecting use ¼ cup of Butcher BBQ Phosphate to 2 cups of water.

Butcher BBQ Phosphates


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