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Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce is a thin, vinegar and pepper based sauce popular in “Barbecue Joints” down south. It can be used as a marinade, baste, or even a dipping sauce. This sauce gives food a unique boost of flavor and a “zesty attitude!”


Blues Hog gourmet sauces are gluten free and made of all natural, high-quality ingredients. With more awards than any other commercial sauce on the market, our products are used by 90% of competition bbq teams nationwide. Blues Hog is the award-winning choice of champions!

Blues Hog: Tennessee Red

  • Bill Arnold is the man behind Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce. Raised by his grandmother just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, Bill’s passion for cooking came at an early age. Racing past the clothes hung on the line and down where the locals had gathered to make “squirrel stew,” a young Bill would watch as the hickory slabs were turned under the barrels and the “stew” was churned with a boat paddle.

    “One night at a cook, around two in the morning, I was headed to bed. Wasn’t asleep more than 10 minutes when someone runs in and shouted, “Bill! You need to cook the hog!” Someone had broughta dog over and it began to fight with another dog. Bailey, who was cooking, tried to separate them, but was bitten and lost his thumb! With Bailey rushed to the hospital, it was my duty to man the fire and turn the hog. Around the fire, a Yankee grabbed his fiddle and began to play, and as I swayed to the music, he said, “Look at that Blues Hog, flipping that hog! That’s when it stuck! Blues Hog Barbecue!

    Tim Scheer - The Tallest Man in BBQ

    Born and raised on a hog farm in New Haven, Missouri, Tim and his wife, Terri, now raise their three daughters just up the road from the family farm. Tim began cooking in BBQ competitions at the age of 26 and it didn't take long before he began cranking out wins under the team name Shake ‘N Bake BBQ. Over the years, Tim has collected...


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