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Get the best BBQ chicken, turkey, game bird, any bird results with Butcher BBQ Bird Booster Honey Flavor. This bird injection makes turning out top BBQ bird results easy and fast. Simply inject your chicken with this award winning bird injection to achieve bird results full of moisture and flavor. BBQ cooks everywhere count on this BBQ injection to deliver top competition quality results, whether if it's for competition BBQ or backyard BBQ.

When injecting your birds with the award winning flavors of Butcher BBQ Bird Booster Honey Flavor you'll turn out bird results full of moisture and sweet honey flavors. Nothing's stopping you from becoming the top BBQ chicken cook in town with the help of Butcher BBQ Bird Booster Honey Flavor.

Directions: Mix 1/4 cup of Bird Booster with 2 cups of water. Use a kitchen injector and inject thru out the white meat or dark meat. Be sure to get it all the way to the bone. While injecting be sure to move the needle around the meat.

Butcher BBQ: Bird Booster Honey Flavor Injection/Brine, 12oz

  • Butcher BBQ was started out of luck, yes I mean luck. Let me tell you how we got our start. I like to think being raised on a cattle farm was the start of my work ethic. When I was 15 years old I was given the opportunity to work in a family owned custom cutting meat market. I stayed in that environment for 20 years learning and understanding the importance of taking care of each and every customer. I moved on to open my own meat market and after several years we started cooking in BBQ comps.

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