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Slap's Slap Sauce starts and finishes with some heat! It has the best tastes of a Kansas City sauce and competition sauce infused in one bottle. It's a blend for everyday enjoyment, so let this sauce Slap your taste buds and get your bones squealing.

Slaps BBQ: Slap Sauce, 16.5oz

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  • Slap’s BBQ is the evolution of Squeal Like a Pig BBQ’s competition cooking team. Squeal Like a Pig BBQ was started in 2013 as a vehicle to accelerate and promote the years of combined cooking and BBQ experience of two brothers Mike and Joe Pearce. The Slap’s BBQ restaurant was built on our desire to create a product and customer experience with passion, perfection, and tradition while laying the foundation for 2 brothers to follow a dream of opening a BBQ restaurant.

    After years of BBQ experience and a phenomenally successful 1st year on the competition circuit, Squeal Like a Pig BBQ seized the opportunity to compete on Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters television show where we put our BBQ up against the top teams and restaurants in the nation. Squeal like a Pig was challenged to represent Kansas City in three regional competition rounds. We were the youngest team with the least professional experience to ever compete on the show and successfully won the first two rounds putting us in the final round and episode of the 5th season of BBQ Pitmasters. We gracefully and humbly took a photo finish 2nd place in the shadow of a BBQ legend.

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