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Shred Meats with Ease

    Did you ever want to become Wolverine? Well, with these, you can... sort of. Mostly just for the pork shoulder you are about to tear apart. These meat claws are sharp - so be careful - but they will make short work of whatever you want to shred. Made from heat resistant, heavy-duty nylon plastic; they're also great for tossing salads!

    • Sharp teeth for easy shredding
    • Comfortable handles
    • Heat Resistant
    • Dishwasher safe
    • 4½ x 4¼ inches
    • “SnS Grills” printed logo reminds you of all the great meals to come
    • Fool your guests into thinking you are Wolverine!

    Slow N Sear: Marvelous Meat Claws

    Out of Stock
    • SnS Grills (previously Adrenaline Barbecue Company) was founded in 2014 while the Slow ‘N Sear was in development. From the start, our focus has been on helping our customers make better backyard barbecue. We do that by creating high quality products that we’re proud to put our name on and being a resource to our customers for everything related to charcoal barbecue and grilling.

      Through his interaction with barbecue enthusiasts at Amazing Ribs, he realized there was an opportunity to create a ‘better mousetrap’ and design a device that could take a simple kettle grill and turn it into a quality smoker. Thus the Slow ‘N Sear was born, and our company took off! Fast forward a few years, and we’re growing by leaps and bounds. What David appreciates most about running SnS Grills and having happy customers such as you is that he finally found what he wants to be when he grows up! What’s not to like about inventing products, interacting with our customers over the phone or through social media, answering questions, congratulating fantastic cooks and celebrating good food with great people worldwide?! Keep in touch!

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