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This Swamp Boys Original BBQ Sauce is the culmination of a lifetime of barbecuing and cooking in Florida. Add to that the experience from competing for more than 12 years against the best professional barbecue teams in the country and you get the amazing sauce we have today.


A strong influence from old Florida and the South, along with influences from those who have settled here from around the country. It all comes together to create balanced sweet flavor, thinner consistency, with a slightly tangy and verymild spicy finish. It compliments not only traditional barbecued chicken, pork, and beef, but also fish, hamburgers, meatloaf, and potatoes. It’s even great in a Bloody Mary and soups!


Works great as a glaze for chicken or ribs for the last 10min of your cook!

Swamp Boys: Original BBQ Sauce, 19oz

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  • Swamp Boys is a Winter Haven, Florida based nationally ranked professional competition barbecue team.

    Began competing as a “pro” in 2004. Truly began at the bottom as a dishwasher for another team, not knowing anything. From there, it was nothing but hard work; tens of thousands of hours, and a strong desire to be among the best in the world.

    The result... a Top 5 team in the Florida BBQ Association (FBA) in 2006 and 2007, Team of the Year in 2008 and 2009, and have been in the top 5 since then. Ranked the #1 team in the country for 67 straight weeks, including all of 2009, by the National BBQ Rankings. We have been ranked #1 nationally again in 2013.

    Primarily competing in the southeast – FL, AL, GA, SC, NC and TN in both FBA and KCBS contests. Won over 60 Grand Championships and over 50 Reserve Grand Championships and won the World Championship in Pork Shoulder. Hired to go to Brazil on 2 different occasions to train and help open that country’s first ever American-Style Barbecue restaurant. Taught professional BBQ classes from FL to IL to The Netherlands, to hundreds of people from all over the World. 

    Competed in two episodes of the TV show BBQ Pitmasters, and on Big Bad BBQ Brawl. There are many more honors. But to sum it up short and sweet, we’ve been blessed.

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