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This sweet, tangy, tomato based sauce has a just a little bit of back-end heat to accentuate the flavor of pork, ribs, beef, and chicken.  This flavorful sauce has been used on multiple top 10 calls in competitions throughout the southeast.


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  • Many pit masters are born into BBQ,
    with silver meat thermometers in
    their mouths and dry rub under their
    fingernails. Not the Yes, Dear BBQ
    crew. These Savannah transplants
    mastered the art of the meal without
    the benefit of knowledge handed
    down from hickory-scented ancestors.
    With practice—and the patience
    of their neglected spouses—came
    wisdom, including the recipe to
    these homemade sauces. Today, their

    barbecue satisfies at smoker smack-
    downs throughout the Southeast.

    Yes, Dear BBQ sauce. Competition
    tested. Wife approved.

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